Who Stops the "Good" Guys with Guns?

Jesus Christ...

Denver police injure 5 bystanders in LoDo while shooting man who allegedly pointed gun at officers
Denver police injured five bystanders when they opened fire in the busy Lower Downtown nightlife district as bars closed early Sunday, shooting a man they allege pointed a gun at officers.

If you can decipher the usual cop-speak in that press release/"news article" linked above, you'll discover that a bunch of scared pussy cops thought a guy might be aiming a gun at them (he wasn't). So they just... opened up into a very crowded street, shooting their target (a guy who, it bears repeating, did not point a gun at anyone per all available witnesses) AND a whole shitload of civilians who had the misfortune of being in the same area as some scared shitless cops.

What in the hell is the point of having cops if they're now graduating to starting their own mass shooting events rather than risk even the slightest chance of personal harm to themselves? If the "Good Guys with Guns" are even more likely to open fire on civilians than the Bad Guys, what in the fuck are we even doing here?

At least I can rest assured knowing a fair and impartial review of this event will occur and appropriate punishments hande.... sorry, sorry, I can't even fake finishing that joke thought, as the tyranny of the copocracy over all of us has lost even the slightest glimmer of dark humor at this point.

Now to go read the Uvalde Report, I'm sure that'll make me feel better about the state of Policing In America!