Sigh. I use as a simple budgeting and "where the fuck is my money" app. It was pretty good years ago when it was an indie. It's been less so since the awful fuckheads at Intuit bought it, but it's still pretty good and the least-painful way to get a quick overview of our finances without paying somebody a chunk of change for the privilege.

However, like everything in the tech world, the whole promise of "smart algorithms knowing what you want before YOU do and presenting smart info to you at the best times..." is just SUCH horseshit.

Every fucking month I get a panicked email from Mint asking me if I was aware of this very large, unusual purchase.

Every fucking month, that "large, unusual purchase" is my mortgage.

This has been going on for YEARS.

Sure, the amount sometimes fluctuates slightly on the annual escrow readjustment, yadda, and the recipient has changed because late-stage capitalism treats mortgages as just one more thing to be passed around like a bong in a college dorm, but still... you'd think it would be able to recognize that a payment I make on the same goddamned date every month to a company that only does mortgages for an amount that varies less than 3% month over month would eventually be tagged as "Mortgage Payment" instead of "UH OH RED ALERT!!!!! THE FUCK IS THIS?!@?!?!?"

If a "technology leader" company can't provide services more intelligent than me just stuffing cash into envelopes every month, what in the entire fuck is the point of all of this?