You read shit like this and wonder why every "royal" in Thailand isn't hanging from a fuckin' tree already.

Seriously, if you've got time, read through that... dude has multiple ex-wives, imprisoned the parents of at least one of them because he was in a bad mood, elevates his mistresses to generalcies in the military (I'm sure the actual soldiers just loooove that shit), elevates pet POODLES to high ranks as well, took over a THIRTY BILLION DOLLAR fund for his own use...

Why the fuck does the populace and military tolerate this nonsense? What the fuck value does this absolute failson bring to his country or people? Just imagine what thirty billion fucking dollars could do for a country like Thailand, then picture this dipshit spending it all on leather vests for his Colonel Poodles. Infuriating.

Combine that with shit like England's inbred pile of dunces on record as threatening access to their actual popular members if an American news agency reported on the horrid, kid-fucking sins of their unpopular members... just fuck these people.

I can't get over how many centuries most of humanity spent going "well, what are ya gonna do, he's the king" whenever some fifth generation chinless genetic catastrophe decided to do something dumb that cost immeasurable lives and money. But, for all of that, we've mostly moved past it.

So why are we tolerating the grim remnants of those sad, dark centuries now? Why do we let England, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, etc., still suffer with these multigenerational wastrels consuming national resources out of all proporation to their contributions?

Find a cheap animal to adore and invest with your national identity, if you must have one. But start putting these ghouls to death, this shit is indefensible. Nobody on this Earth should be scared of being sent to prison for calling somebody "royal" a fuckin' herb.