Much like Chicago, where I live, Texas is a frozen fuckin' mess today. Unlike Chicago, Texas and Texans are... not AT ALL prepared for this shit, in any fashion. They don't have plows, shit's not insulated, their power infrastructure is absolutely not designed to withstand weather extremes like this... I genuinely feel bad for them, and my heart hurt watching that video of the fatal 100+ car pileup on a highway near Forth Worth. This kind of sucks when you ARE used to and prepared for it; it's life-threatening when you're not.

This being America, of course, the reactions to Texas' problems are falling into two diametrically opposed, yet somehow equally shitty, camps.

On the one hand, the Republicans, led by their bully pulpit in the person of Fucker Carlson (and really, if anybody in this country should be waterboarded until they're dead, it's this son of a bitch), immediately tried to spin this, in a way that would be laughable if it wasn't immediately also taken as gospel truth by every Boomer long-since lost to cases of Terminal FOXNews Brain, as GREEN Power failing.

Yes, Texas is freezing today because the wind turbines failed.

I hate this so very much because it's not even a matter of spin, or a differing interpretation of a wide basket of facts, or anything approaching a good faith argument: it is, instead, a lie. A bald-faced one that Tucker and his ilk are pushing because their moneyed masters demand it of them.

Listen to this lying cocksucker: “The windmills failed like the silly fashion accessories they are, and people in Texas died".

For one, the vast majority of the missing power Texans expected to have yesterday and today comes from natural gas plants, plants that either failed due to shoddy upkeep based on capitalist anti-incentives, or that couldn't deliver their power because the transmission infrastructure is also greatly crippled by capitalist anti-incentives. It is not profitable to maintain a power grid, so Texas, more than most of the country, doesn't.

It does not help at all that the "left" side of pro-capitalist media, ie, the NYT and CNN, also basically parroted this line, because they, too, have their marching orders to always make green power or anything too socialist-y lefty look bad. They weren't abject dicks about it like fuckface at Fox, but they still toed the capitalist line that demands fossil fuel generation be basically defended because it makes a small number of powerful people very, very wealthy.

For two, the myth that you can't generate power in cold climates from wind turbines is exposed by the simple fact that THEY DO IT IN NORWAY AND MOTHERFUCKING ANTARCTICA. The people running those projects, though, spend the proper amount of money to do it RIGHT, and they therefore don't have the problems Texas is currently crippled by.

Texas's own power grid agency, ERCOT, freely and fully admits that the portion of their power they expect to come from wind turbines right now is at or above where it should be. Gas power, on the other hand, has fallen dick-first into the wood chipper.

So there's that.

On the equally-shit-covered other hand, we have your standard neolib centrist response, which can be summed up as "lol, texans hate the rest of the country and now they want our help, lol, fuck off freeze and die, losers!".

This also sucks, very badly.

It's not just wealthy MAGA shitheads with pickups that can't handle ice-covered roads suffering in the freezing cold lobbies of their jetski dealerships in Laredo. It's millions of already-poor people exploited by their state and our country to generate its wealth, and, of course, they are all less-equipped to ride this out than said rich jagoff in the first place. Repeat after me:


And empathy is a thing. Yeah, it's fun to think of some Toby Keith-looking dork sitting in his unnecessary Ford F-350 in the dark because the cab of that truck is the only place he can reach right now that actually has a functioning heater, all the while wrongly furious at fuckin' wind turbines because FOX told him wind turbines are to blame for his predicament, but...Okay, sorry, fuck that guy, maybe, just not unto death or harm. Happy for him to be coldly uncomfortable for 3-4 days, though.

That said, maybe reserve your actual, visceral hatred for the relatively small number of capitalists who have actual power in our country, and the politicians who directly inflict their desired policies, which is the root cause of shit like this, upon us.

Also, I want to ask the fine people of "blue" states (god, I hate that false color dichotomy lens that we view all politics in this idiot country through) like IL, CA, or NY... do you not think the grim spectre of late-80's failing Soviet-grade infrastructure isn't coming for us, too? I am as sure of the fact that I will live in this place in Chicago through a multi-day power outage (though mine is more likely to be due to high summer's power demands than a winter storm) just like Texas is now as I am of anything. Lack of proper infrastructure investment, maintenance, and upgrades is a universally American value, not something specific to Texas.

I dunno. I'd like to see less parochial laughing at the misfortune of others when shit like this happens. It's gonna happen to all of us eventually, all of us save a very, very small number of sociopathically rich fuckers who are the cause of all our problems in the first place. Let's not laugh at anybody and, instead, kill those people.