Kill All Royals

You read shit like this and wonder why every "royal" in Thailand isn't hanging from a fuckin' tree already. Seriously, if you've got time, read through that... dude has multiple ex-wives, imprisoned the parents of at least one of them

Micro-Review: Mark Lanegan, "Somebody's Knocking"

didn't really expect mark lanegan to pivot into making pretty decent New Order albums at this stage of his career but that's what his new and last few albums sound like to me and i do not hate it

Just Let Me Buy A Car On Amazon Already

We really need to rethink the car-buying process in this traumatic brain injury of a country. I know it will never happen, since something like 40% of all state legislatures are third-generation millionaires who make their nut by owning 27

Beware Getting What You Wished For

Long-time FB followers (read: sufferers and/or people who do not know how to block people on FB) of mine are familiar with my lunchtime gripes about the workplace building cafeteria/break room. When I'm in that building, I pretty

The Streaming TV Era Sucks

So, a new Battlestar Galactica? Cool. I guess? But it comes shackled to another streaming service? Boooooo to that, I say. This whole shitty new era of having 17 subscriptions at $5-20/mo. each just to see all the TV