Hola, fuckers. This is the umpteenth iteration of shawnritchie.com, a site that has existed in some shape or form since it was the-smr.com in 1997. Due to crippling self-loathing, however, I regularly dump every byte of content from the site into the garbage, so there's unsurprisingly not a ton up here at any given time.

Oh well.

I write mostly these days about books I'm reading. Occasionally, politics rears its ugly head. Music and tech stuff show up. I dunno; I'll be blunt: this site's for me, not for you. I don't care how many people read it, I don't care about going viral or being "liked" or "faved" or any of that shit... sometimes, I just get an itch in my back brain and need to slap away at a keyboard for a while until the itch goes away. Everybody else seems to do that on Facebook or Twitter these days, and I do that, too, but I like having some small section of the web that's still mine and mine alone until the government forces me to turn it over to Amazon or some shit.