Nostalgia for Aughts Blog Design

I'm insanely tired of the current web's aesthetics, particularly regarding how long-form text blocks are displayed. Padding to make a football linesman jealous, a whiter space than a Phish concert, preciously seriffed fonts... fuck to all of it.

This tiredness has been inspired by coming across some old favorite websites that are still chugging along with their original, early-aughts, Movable Type-assed designs. They're glorious; 8-10pt fonts, super-tight margins and line-spacing... just nice, dense blocks of texts, like the Good Lord and Gutenberg intended.

The only concession I'm willing to make to this is reactive modes for display on small mobile device screens. But if I'm parked in front of my gigantic monitor, I want a big block of text in a pixel-constrained narrow band right down the middle of my screen.

I've jammed this site back into Blogger because Google's abysmal pace of updates for this abandoned, orphaned platform they bought means it's effectively still an early-2000's platform, which is exactly what I'm looking for right now. Good times.


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