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Brief Thought on Iran, Sanctions, The Effectiveness Thereof... Sep 18, 2022 hellworld The protests today in Iran due to the death of a young woman while in custody for allegedly violating the dress code (which her family disputes) These People Do Not Wish to Serve Jul 27, 2022 the chicago way There’s a lot of reasons why current City Clerk of Chicago Anna Valencia, who seems to have believed she had the IL Secretary of State gig in the Backend Updates Jul 27, 2022 admin Moving shit around again, as I do Gun Laws for Me, Not for Thee Jul 27, 2022 hellworld So today’s “We are fucked” trophy winner is the new SCOTUS opinion that basically holds that no state nor the federal government can make a law Man, Fuck the Barenaked Ladies Jul 27, 2022 music I dream of writing a takedown this good: Stereogum Guy Eviscerates “One Week” by The Barenaked Ladies The core truth of this piece, which gets at The Collapse of Empire: Hating Labor so Much You Run Out of Employees Jul 27, 2022 hellworld Well, this is frankly kind of hilarious: Amazon Running Out of People To Hire Imagine hating your employees so much that, rather than retain them