it me

Hi. Due to what I can only imagine is terrible personal luck, you've somehow stumbled across my website. I've kept some version or the other of this piece of shit going since the mid-90's, occasionally doing a mass content purge out of sheer self-loathing, but otherwise keeping _something_ up at this address (or its predecessor) since about 1996. Yes, there are certainly older personal websites on the Internet... but not too many.

Anywho. Not to get all Seinfeld about it, but this website is about nothing in particular beyond whatever lodges in my mind enough to where I have to put some words down about it. Could be politics. Could be a book review. Could be something terrible a co-worker did. So please don't expect the micro-targeted laser focus of most websites these days on a particular niche of interest; I dunno if renaissance man is still a term that has meaning, but I'm kinda like a really shitty version of one in terms of my interests. 

I hope you enjoy your stay.