News Is Not Something We Should Consume Every Waking Hour: A Modest Proposal

You know what I think would massively improve everyone's life?

Restrict Facebook and Twitter to something you can only interact with for about 45 minutes in one chunk in the morning, and another one hour chunk in the evening, per day.

That's it. You can go balls-deep on the same nonsense you do today, but only in those two chunks.

Why those two chunks?

Well... think about how we used to consume news. You read the morning paper and/or flipped on the morning news show while you got dressed, or threw on your AM station of choice while you commuted to work.

Then... you generally did not consume any more news for the rest of the day until you got home, in which case you'd watch the evening news over dinner or the 10 o'clock news before bed.

There were occasional changes in this routine; say you were going out for drinks with friends after work. This generally meant that you would NOT RECEIVE ANY NEW NEWS INPUT WHILE YOU WERE OUT. Like, AT ALL. And nobody gave a shit. You…

Peter Thiel is a Modern-Day Mengele

Peter Thiel Argues That The Poor Should Be Fodder For His Risky, Careless Quality-of-Life Medical Experimentation

We are rightfully horrified today that the US government used to do this to minorities (think the Syphillis tests on black guys in Alabama, among countless others). Thiel and these other Valley fuckheads think those days were fine, and are actually angry that they're not allowed to just toss some cash at some poor people and then run hilariously under-secured vaccine trials on them, because who cares if a few browns suffer and/or die if the end result is a safe vaccine for rich white people, right?

This is why the wealthy should be imprisoned and their wealth appropriated and redistributed. It has taken ages to get our government to where it even somewhat-responsibly regulates health and food procedures, and it fails at that, often, not due to some inherent evil or caprice of "gubbmint workers", but because greedy, _capable_ shitheads like Thiel see the profit …

A Conversation at the Doctor's Office

Him: Do you drink?
Me: Yeah.
Him: Okay, about how many drinks a day?
Me: It's not really a daily thing. Him: ... Okay, so, how many a week? Me: That's a tough question to answer.  Him: Give it a shot. Me: Well... here's the thing. I don't drink daily, I'm not a home drinker... I drink about once a week, but when I do, it's a LOT. Him: Can we put a number on "a lot"? Me: What's your typical definition of "a lot"? Him: Are we talking more than 5-6 drinks a night?
Me: Again, "a night" is the wrong metric here. But, on the one night a week I do drink, it's WAAAY more than 5-6 drinks. Him: So, like... 12? Me: Ehhhhh, revise that upwards a bit. Him: ... Me: Look, just put whatever metric sums up "He binge drinks 3x-4x the baseline definition of binge-drinking once a week and otherwise abstains" into your spreadsheet or whatever and let's move on, okay?
Him: Yeah, we should do that.